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Haiti Ministry Update

  • We are grateful to many who gave for the new church building in Gauthier after the old one was destroyed by an earthquake. In March, Pastor Samson was able to make a trip to the southern peninsula, which had been too dangerous before. The foundation is being marked out. The work has been started!

  • Conditions are still dangerous in certain locations because of gang activity. The school at Bonnette was forced to close. There are gangs in the area.

  • The Haiti Foodbank now provides food for children at three different schools (Totoye, Gronabite, and Bainet), as well as a cook and housekeeper at a fourth school (Dos Palais) where the state provides the food. Pastor Samson hopes to be able to add students at Platanal to the program, as well.

Thanks for your prayers for the ministry in Haiti!


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