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Letter of Thanks for COVID-19 Relief Funds

From the Church in Bolivia:

We send a word of blessing over all the Church of the USA. Receive a greeting from the Church in Bolivia and in particular the Bolivian Evangelical Church of God.

In this world pandemic of COVID-19, it was something unexpected that came to affect our families, in particular some pastors that parted into the presence of our Lord God, Jesus Christ—8 pastors. And you, our esteemed pastors and brothers, seeing this need of the Family of Christ here in Bolivia, sent us your love offering; and the sum we received was $7,115* American Dollars. This will be such a help for the families here in Bolivia.

For this reason, in the name of the Bolivian Evangelical Church of God and on behalf of all our families of our denomination, we SEND OUR DEEPEST WORDS OF THANKS; may God bless, guard, and pour out spiritual, material, and health blessing on all of you. Amen! . . .

Pastor Hector Ali Quenta, National President and Pastor Felix Luna, National Treasurer

*World Missions is grateful for a generous offering from the churches in the Eastern Caribbean of $4,300 for this need.



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