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Our Inheritance

A missionary friend of ours mused about Deuteronomy 18:1-8 in a recent newsletter. “I was struck by how the Lord set aside some of his people to forego an inheritance of land, and thus income and sustenance, and to receive what they needed from the abundance God would give the rest of His people.”

She pointed out that although there are differences between the Levitical priesthood and modern church/mission workers, “...the idea that God would bless most of His people and through them sustain a few He sets aside for a particular job serving Him...was His design for His people.”

I can’t improve on her words: “It’s no wonder I feel sacred awe and deep humility when I look at our December donor statement and see pledges fulfilled month after month, pledges surpassed on special occasions, and spontaneous gifts flowing out of God’s blessing on so many of you.”

Thank you so much for your part in being that security and sustenance for us, whether that is finances, prayers, or encouraging words.

Departure Plans

We plan to board our flight in Kansas City on Sunday, and will hopefully arrive in PNG on Wednesday, 24 February. There is still a lot that needs to happen between now and then, including a negative COVID-19 test this week, so keep us in your prayers!

Prayer Corner


  • A “real” winter experience in our final weeks here in the USA

  • Tickets and paperwork for PNG travels coming together

  • The mission van we’ve used for this furlough!

  • A great relationship with our Missions Department

  • A great result about a serious medical concern this week


  • That all our travel arrangements will work and connections get made

  • Continuing health around our travels

  • All the remaining details around returning to PNG and wrapping up life in the USA

  • Wisdom for facilitating Bible Translation in Bougainville

The Doyle boys have gotten to experience two winters while in the U.S. This snowman posed with them in 2020.


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