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Peace in Chaos

The scene wasn’t tidy. From a human standpoint, Christ didn’t choose perfection when He picked a time to step into history as a Jewish baby. Instead, the setting was chaotic—born to a poor, unmarried couple and to a people who suffered under Roman rule after 400 years of silence from God. Even the timing of His birth surely wasn’t what His mother would have chosen—on a trip, away from her own mother and immediate family, among animals.

Yet still He came.

And His coming then reminds us that He will enter the chaos of our lives now. At a time when the world suffers and you perhaps face pain and struggle personally as well, Jesus is still with us. He is “God with us”—Emmanuel. And we know that, whatever we’ve been through, God uses the pain to transform and mature us.

Be reminded this Christmas that your life doesn’t have to be perfect or tidy to invite Him in. Turn to Him as you are, as things are, and He will bring peace.

This Christmas, may you know the peace and presence of Emmanuel.

Merry Christmas from the World Mission Department!


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