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School Success in Haiti

Rev. Jeudilus Noel (Pastor Samson) recently gave a glowing report of the effectiveness of our school in Dos Palais, Haiti:

“I am visiting Dos Palais now to congratulate the teachers for the great job they have done this year. Although this school year wasn’t so perfect for the country in general, Dos Palais made a difference in the state exams. About 95% of our students succeeded, and it’s considered as the school with the most success in the whole area. This wonderful effort makes us very proud, and at the same time very grateful toward those brothers and sisters who have contributed to this success.”

Last school year, about 400 students attended at Dos Palais. Pastor Samson is working to improve and secure the property by building a bigger and more secure gate.

Thank you for your continued prayers for Pastor Samson and the churches and schools in Haiti. In spite of political challenges and danger from gang activity, our Haitian brothers and sisters continue in faith, seeking to reach the lost.



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