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Two New Wells in Ghana

The village of Sogla in northwest Ghana is famous for its local idol. In fact, when missionary Jere Gowin first went to the village leaders in 2010 to ask permission to minister, he was told, in effect, “No, thanks. We’re happy with our idol.” That sentiment changed, however, through the witness of a man named Bakuri.

Bakuri was the first believer in the village of Gurumbelle. He was also so successful in planting a school in that village, that he was asked to move to Sogla, where he became headmaster of their school. He built a friendship with the village chief, and became so well-liked by villagers that the door was opened for Jere to show the “JESUS” Film in Sogla in 2011.

Since that time, we have had a ministry there. The believers worshipped outdoors under a tree in the village until recently, thanks to a donor who has given toward the building and roof.

Another need for the village of Sogla was fresh water. One borehole had been dug by an Islamic organization, but it was not reliable.

We are grateful that our churches in Ducie, Gberi, and Singh all have been provided wells from World Missions in the past. Pastor George reported that some communities lacked the ownership, training, and ability to fix their own boreholes. But in the cases of ones established through our churches, the story was different. He wrote they “have been managed very well, and currently they are in good condition and solely the major source of clean water in the communities [where] they are situated.” The churches have formed committees to take care of the boreholes. They have communal farms to generate funds for the purpose of caring for the boreholes through the sale of the produce, and the emerging leaders Pastor George teaches help with this process.

This year, the Church of God (Holiness) in Lockhart, Mississippi, donated funds to dig two boreholes. One was dug in the village of Gurumbelle and the other in Sogla. There is always a risk that the drill will not strike water, but both were successful. Pastor George wrote, “On behalf of the villages and all the church members here, we say thank you and God richly bless the church and people that funded this water project in the villages.”

God is working and moving in the village churches in Ghana, and we are so grateful. God is guiding, Pastor George is providing excellent leadership, and many of you, our supports, pray and donate to see the ministry go forward.



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