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Walking by Faith

New things are both thrilling and nerve-wracking. We like our routines—they are comfortable. But most of the time we have to break out of them in order to make specific progress. Having just arrived back in the USA, we are experiencing a lot of new things.

Amaziah in the mission airplane for the first leg of our trip

Transition is nothing new for us, but this time it’s a little bit different. We’re not on a regular furlough, where our job would be to connect with people and churches. Instead, we are on a medical leave (Christy) and remote assignment (Larry). So our jobs are to get healthy and to carry on with Solos language work.

At the moment we are in Oklahoma, but we’re planning to focus our time in Orlando, where Christy is seeking specific help for some of the mental health issues she has been dealing with for quite some time. As nearly as possible, we’re also seeking for the boys to have a regular start to their school year via online learning/homeschool.

So far the journey has been good. All our flights connected, and no luggage was lost. We were able to spend a few days hiking and camping in Hawaii on the way back, and got to experience both lava and nice beaches.

Prayer Corner


  • Good trip back to the USA

  • A fun few days in Hawaii

  • Prospects for good medical and mental health care

  • Lots of people who love us and care!


  • Our transition into this time of working/healing in the USA

  • Pray for the Solos teams while their training is delayed

  • There are still many details to be worked out for health care, living arrangements, school, etc.

  • We need wisdom to balance the wide variety of things that need to be done

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We got in one last PNG mumu (food cooked with hot rocks) before we left.


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