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The Repentant Witch Doctor

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Ibrahim*, the local land owner and witch doctor, sat under the tree, listening to the visitors—well, really only to one of the visitors. The white man spoke funny-sounding words, and then the Ghanaian with him translated into words Ibrahim understood.

Ibrahim found the stories about this God interesting and stayed each week to listen. Later, within the dirt walls of his home or out in the field, he thought about what the American said.

But then Jere began to speak about idol worship. He told the villagers that idols had no power and that only God deserved to be worshipped. Ibrahim didn’t like this kind of talk. After all, he helped villagers who were sick; they came to him, paid a fee, and he sacrificed a chicken or a goat for them. Now, some of the villagers were putting their trust in this God and even burning their idols. Little by little, Ibrahim stopped attending the meetings.

Ambrose was one of the villagers Ibrahim had tried many times to help. Before the visitors came preaching about this new God, Ambrose had suffered various unusual ailments and problems. Ibrahim had offered many sacrifices to deliver Ambrose from these curses.

Ibrahim watched as Ambrose attended every meeting. Eventually, Ambrose quit having Ibrahim offer sacrifices all together. Ambrose had repented and surrendered himself to God and was healed of his sicknesses.

Jere moved back to the United States, but Pastor Sammy and his helpers kept visiting Ibrahim’s village. One day, Ibrahim asked Ambrose to take him to church. There, he confessed to Pastor Sammy that he had been deceived by Satan and now wanted to give his life to Jesus. This witch doctor was now a child of the King!

*not his real name

Ghana Ministry Updates

  • Pastor Sammy, with the help of George and Isaka, continue leading the five churches in five villages in Northwest Ghana.

  • A mission team is planning to travel to Ghana next month; they will be helping with a building project, medical work, etc.

  • Ambrose, the convert responsible for the witch doctor’s conversion, sent us his testimony: “I admitted the wrongs done for the past years and surrendered myself and my family to God. He has delivered me and my family from despair. I thank God for the spiritual renewal. . . . I never get those sicknesses and problems since I got to know Christ.”

Praise God for continuing to move in Ghana!


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