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Back Home in Zaporozhye

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After having lived in Zaporozhye for fifteen years, a trip back is a little like going home. So even though neither one of us like the travel aspect of the journey, it was a great pleasure for Nancy and me to return to Zaporozhye Bible College and Seminary in March to teach a two-week course on the book of Psalms.

One of the joys of teaching at ZBCS is the motivation level of the students. All twenty-three of my students, both men and women, were very engaged in the material presented. Times of discussion were lively.

Another privilege of our trip was to return to our home church in Zaporozhye. The current pastor is a former student of ours and a close friend. So it was a joy to preach at the Chikolova church again, and spend time fellowshipping with the brethren.

We also were able to meet with young people who became our “kids” while we were in Ukraine. Nicoli and Oksana traveled three hours one way by bus to spend about that same amount of time with us. Alina was an interpreter for me for many years, and now has a lovely family of three children five and under.

There were other evenings and other friends. But you have the idea. These are special people to us, and we to them. We had no idea when we answered God’s call to go to Ukraine in 1996 that this would be our life ministry. And it continues! Special thanks for World Missions and the people of Gregory Hills church for making this trip possible.


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