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Ghana Convention 2019

In late December, the village churches in Ghana gathered for their annual Convention at the “mother church”—the first village church, started 10 years before in 2009 and the closest church to town.

In spite of the harmattan blowing in dust from the Sahara Desert, and in spite of the danger of bushfires razing a farmer’s field before it is harvested, sister church members left their homes and traveled to attend.

Churches rented lorries, or trucks, so their members could go. Adults, youth, children, and elderly members all made the trip, with the greatest number being young people. Some from the most remote village traveled 50 miles on poor roads.

Highlights of the three-day gathering included a leaders’ meeting, teaching, fellowship, and evangelism. Local members of the host church opened their homes to visitors, and even neighbors of the church who don’t attend were willing to host out-of-town guests.

As Pastor George Korah planned for the Convention, he decided to introduce a new element. He had seen many church members face marital problems, and he took this opportunity to teach. “I told them that you cannot leave God at the altar and expect to have a healthy marriage,” he wrote. “Many have failed to understand the foundations of marriage as God ordained. . . . One family after the program came to me to ask for forgiveness from each other considering their past misunderstandings. I believe a healthy marriage or family will reflect in the church and the society at large, and the church is the best place to receive such teaching.”

The Convention also included a showing of the “JESUS” film. Many from the community attended, along with those present at the Convention. There was standing room only. After the movie, 10 people committed their lives to Christ, and many Christians rededicated their lives, as well.

Please pray for the continued ministries of our Ghanaian church, including a celebration planned for April. Director Mark Surbrook and former missionary Jere Gowin plan to travel to Ghana to celebrate the official installation of Pastor George as National Director there.

Thank you for your prayers. Your praying allows you to become a part of this ministry and makes a great difference.

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