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Testimony from a New Convert in Ghana

In late January, Pastor George Korah conducted a thanksgiving service for a church member who had passed away at the Motigu church in Ghana. The service was conducted outside under a tree, as the Motigu congregation does not have a building in which to worship. After the service, two elderly ladies from the village gave their lives to Christ. One of them shared her testimony with Pastor George:

“I have not been well for the past two weeks and always indoors. I was sleeping in my room while the church service was going on behind my house. Like a dream, a voice called out my name and instructed me to go to the church: ‘You belong to that family.’ At once I gained some new strength to get up from my bed and came to the church. In the church I was feeling like I have been released from some kind of chains. I know Jesus is present to help me, and I want to be in that Christ family for the rest of my life. Thank you, Jesus.”

Pray for Pastor George as he continues to minister to these new converts during his regular visits.



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